MYLA - Owner/Artist

Hello! My name is Myla and I am the Owner of Home Sweet Nest Home Boutique. 

I ReDesign Antique, Vintage and Modern Furnitures as well as Home Decor. My furniture restoration and staging began as a hobby & slowly evolved into a business, it's not just a business for me I live and breathe Vintage! I always get excited shopping for old furnitures that is full or character and history. I know you can take pieces from the past and bring them into the future. I LOVE what I do! I am blessed, every single day, by the talent God has given me!

My STORY.....
Late 2018 I walked away from a management high paying/stressful job everyone dream of (almost 20yrs of service) They were confused and in disbelief why! I said "I wanna start painting furnitures and decorate! (again jaw dropped, all shocked!) one of them said "that's what happens when you watch too much home impovement show" well, thanks to hgtv then! 🙃 traded business suits to plain t-shirt, sweat pants, dirty hands and proud of it. I served my purpose and now it's time to create a new beautiful chapter!! 🥰
Well, I wanna live my dream and follow my heart. I would rather regret trying than not. Our precious lives is short and unpredictable. I know painting furnitures won't make me rich (others maybe did) but that's not and never will be my goal. I just want beautiful forgotten pieces be wanted again! it makes me soooo happy to see them find a home. I call myself a foster furniture fairy godmother lol!
I looked back with a big smile saying to myself "Glad I did what I did" I wake up inspired thinking "Hmmm what can I beautify today!? The beauty of being a mommy-preneur is I can take care of my family, do what I love and most of all, spend time with God who is responsible for my talent and strength!
I love being a painter/restorer/stager!! in addition to painting my other hobbies are cooking, making childrens clothing and accessories. I know theres sooo much to learn and it can be overwhelming at times, but have faith, love, give ang forgive, embrace mistakes, never give up, never hesitate or think too much, keep going no matter what because in the end, your true happiness is what counts, noone can make your dream possible but YOU! 😍
Thank you for reading my story. God Bless you all!